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Isn't It a Bit Too Late For a Destiny EULA Isn't It a Bit Too Late For a Destiny EULA

Found this bute waiting for me when I logged onto Destiny tonight. It wasn't there this morning. This smells of legal and has me worried.

So I finally gave in and bought Pokemon X…

Every Pokemon generation, I somehow lie to myself that things will be different this time, and they never are (different enough). I’ll play for a few hours, realize that it’s all the same, and never play again until the next generation. (Maybe I should have never beaten Pokemon Red).

Why is it that we continue to argue over used games sales and not used console sales? All you hear is used games this, used games that, developers don't get money from used game sales. No one ever complains/defends used hardware sells. Console designers/manufactures gotta eat too.

Apparently OnLive is coming ot OUYA: