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It's #MR2sday! It's #MR2sday!

Haven’t had a chance to get near the new one in a minute, but it easily survived a 1300 mile drive to Florida, then 1300 miles back in less than 48 hours. Not bad for a car that cost a little over a grand and has 175k miles on it. The only issue was that I noticed a brake caliper starting to hang when I rolled into…

It's #MR2sday! It's #MR2sday!

Have an MR2! This ‘85 was recently rescued and is now happy again after getting its old clutch master cylinder replaced. Pic from over the weekend.

So I bought a thing So I bought a thing

How many MR2s is too many? Don’t know. There might not be such a thing as too many MR2s.

Keep Oppo Italo-disco Keep Oppo Italo-disco

Topo is the robot. Roby gets second billing, which makes sense when you see Topo’s dance moves.

Dat new headline Dat new headline

I approve. #MakeOppoBowieAgain

Questionable cars w/questionable engines Questionable cars w/questionable engines

I’ll start. Base model. Iron Puke.

Random Google Image Search Result Random Google Image Search Result

I was looking for a picture of the back of a 2000 Hyundai Elantra wagon with the rear seats down for the “Space Car” theme since I’m a firm believer that there’s no car ever made with more cargo space relative to the external dimentions of the car than that one. I don’t care about what people list as cargo volume.…

MR2 snap oversteer gif! MR2 snap oversteer gif!

This is honesty in advertising.

The only candy Oppo needs The only candy Oppo needs

You guys could have at least left it car related, jeez...

This is what my hometown used to look like This is what my hometown used to look like

Now it’s fucking disneyland. Still. Don’t feel like I’m going to get stabbed on the subway, so that’s nice.

Tercel Tuesday! Tercel Tuesday!

Here’s one almost identical to the one I learned how to drive on! Mine was white (mostly - the paint was pretty much just powder clinging to the rust), a five door, and had a manual transmission with overdrive. At 1990 lbs, it weighed in just under my key number, and got stupid mileage. It was faster than my sister’s…

Oppo, I need this Oppo, I need this

I don’t know why. It’s bigger than my racecar. I need it. I need IDEAS!

I drove a Mirage!  Ask me anything!

No, it wasn’t a bright neon color. It’s grey :( Cost under $12k out the door with all fees included and a CVT though, so whatever. It’s my sister’s and it’s everything I was hoping for. Put your foot down and nothing happens! Turn the wheel and the whole thing feels like it’s going to tip over! IT HAS A SPARE!!!

#MR2sday engine update - Holy Piston! #MR2sday engine update - Holy Piston!

It’s #MR2sday and I got a bit of work done and learned a bit more about my old 4A’s past. I’ve mostly been cleaning ancient disgusting parts, and no one wants to see a picture of a throttle body in a bucket of diesel fuel, so I’m skipping that (amateur-tip - Harbor Freight has an all-metal washing bin you can pick up…

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