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Prints Prints

Yaaaaaay finally fiiiiiiinally got some prints up on Etsy!

Northern England Recommendations 

Hi all :-) Would love some recommendations on travel between London and Edinburgh.

Help me find a non-goopy Goop. Help me find a non-goopy Goop.

I’ve fallen into the Goop rabbit hole. But let me explain.

Original Art Pricing? Original Art Pricing?

Long story, but I ended up with an art show even though I don’t know what the fuuuuuuck I am doing. I have no clue how to price stuff and I need help. I have to get all pricing over to the gallery manager today. Providing a few examples—any input appreciated!


Dad’s mad.

Soliciting Feedback... Soliciting Feedback...

Hi all :-) I am opening up my studio/home for the first time in Sept for an art show of sorts, and I have been starting to think about what I might want to show and reproduce. I’ve been fucking around a lot and don’t sell anything so I don’t have ton of input/data on what might be working or not. I’d love any…

Can we talk about 13 Reasons?

For sure triggering.

It's Sunday, let's shop for a beach trip. It's Sunday, let's shop for a beach trip.

My mom and I are going to Cabo in two weeks and holy fuck I am so looking forward to it, even though I haven’t had a bikini on for like 5 years. So, let’s talk beach vacations—what you like to pack, the truth about waxing, best reads, etc etc. I spent all day yesterday window shopping online and watching 13 Reasons…

I can't watch Girlboss.

Seriously I am 10 minutes in and I want to fucking kill her.

Gettin' Boozy Gettin' Boozy

My office is moving and now my shitty 2hr daily commute is increasing to a 3hr shitty commute. A colleague of mine and I have started taking the train, and we’re wine drinkers. That said, $15 Amtrak half bottles add up—I’m looking for good boozy travel recommendations and tips.

Can we talk about negotiating @ work...

This is stressing me out. Bigly. I have a job that I love and I’m good at. My commute is already soul-crushingly awful (2.5-3.5 hours a day total) and my office is moving about 20 miles further away (adding anywhere from 1-1.5 EXTRA to my daily commute) at the end of the year. I’ve been punching the numbers and I…

Can we talk keeping warm fashionably?  Can we talk keeping warm fashionably? 

Every. Fucking. Year. I do this. I have to go to NYC a few times early in the year (the first leaving next weekend) for work, including fashion week. So, I can’t look like a slob, but I also live in CA so I don’t exactly need anything super warm. I typically put off getting anything and then frantically order stupid…

Web Development

Curious if anyone knows of someone looking for freelance work in web/e-commerce development (or looking for it themselves...or knows of any good people/companies). I need someone to help me build a Squarespace site. I’m not looking for design services, but help with the technical crap that I don’t have the patience to…

Help me find this site...

ETA - resolved!!

I need mom advice.

I just received an email from the halfpence’s teacher.

This guy. This guy.

Yep, I want to marry this guy. Don’t even think of telling me he’s married. Don’t tell me he’s a big dick or hits ladies. I feel like he was a sweet handsome dude in some rom com who saved the day but I can’t recall.

Vacation Vacation

My mom wants to get away for a bit with me, thinking Mexico, and I am curious if anyone has any kind of experience with package-deal-type vacation companies and sites like Groupon.

Feedback... Feedback...

Logo/design/copy type stuff.

Can I get a recommendation... Can I get a recommendation...

For shampoo and conditioner? I recently got a total shit color and cut (you can see all the streaks, which I hate, in the photo). It’s started growing out at least. The last I bought was Living Proof but was not impressed, especially because I can barely squeeze the conditioner out of the bottle which just pisses me…

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