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Why Crack and Cocaine Have Been Treated So Differently

With so much focus on today’s middle class during the opioid crisis, we take a look at a similar epidemic of the ‘80s and ‘90s, when crack devastated black communities and users were criminalized to the harshest extent of the law. Check out this video to see how addicts back then were treated in the media and by our…

Finding Recovery in an Addiction Epidemic

As much of the South began to feel the effects of a spike in opiate addiction, Metro Atlanta emerged as one of the areas where addicts are most likely to search for treatment and enter recovery.

What Brings Muslims and Jews Together?

It’s easy to highlight the differences between Muslims and Jews, but in fact, there are many cultural similarities. In America, the two faiths share the status of minority, monotheistic religions with both enormous influence and a history of persecution. So can seeking common ground be a starting point for solving…

This Vet Planned to Bomb a Mosque. Now He's a Muslim.

Relying partly on his experience as a Marine, Richard McKinney made an improvised explosive device he planned to detonate near a mosque, resulting in massive casualties.

How Old Is Too Old to Be President?

Donald Trump is 72, Bernie Sanders is 77, and Joe Biden is 76. While most of us will be lucky to remember the URL to our favorite news site at that age (it’s, folks), many of the 2020 frontrunners hope to spend their golden years in the White House instead of in retirement. But what effect does age…

WWE Star Mustafa Ali on Wrestling While Muslim

As a rising star in pro wrestling, Adeel Alam ditched his bad guy image and decided to become the hero he wanted to see as a kid. Today, millions of fans have cheered on the WWE wrestler known as Mustafa Ali. In this episode of The Secret Life of Muslims, Adeel explains just how significant his character is in the w…

How to Import a JDM Car: My S13 Nissan Silvia K’s Club Comes to New York

Importing and registering a foreign vehicle can be a massive pain. So when I took the plunge to get a second Japanese Domestic Model car registered in New York, I decided to take you along for the ride.

Teenage Boxer Amaiya Zafar Is a Ring Leader

When Amaiya Zafar laces up for a fight, she not only brings out the gloves, shorts, and shoes, but also her hijab. In this episode of The Secret Life of Muslims, Zafar talks about how just getting into the ring to compete was a fight in itself. The Secret Life of Muslims is a video series with a view on modern Islam…

What's the Hajj?

The Hajj is a once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage that brings millions of Muslims to the holy city of Mecca each year. Here’s what happened when comedian Ahmed Ahmed turned down Hollywood calls to answer a call from God (and his mother).

How Lena Khan Became Hollywood's First Hijabi Director

As a child, Lena Khan was obsessed with American films. Now, she’s bringing her own stories to the big screen as Hollywood’s first hijabi director. Her debut film, 2017's The Tiger Hunter, received critical praise and led her to more opportunities in the industry. Though it wasn’t always easy, Lena attributes her…

Why Trump's Glorious Economy Is a Myth

“In just over two years since the election, we have launched an unprecedented economic boom,” Donald Trump said during his recent State of the Union address. But are we really living in the best of times? Or are we on the verge of a very real economic collapse? Watch this video to see how Trump’s claim matches up with…

How Project Runway Star Ayana Ife Stitches Faith and Fashion

Fashion designer Ayana Ife became a star as the runner-up of Project Runway’s 16th season. Here’s how she found her voice in the fashion world. The Secret Life of Muslims is a video series with a view on modern Islam you’re not getting on cable news. Check out new episodes every Wednesday.

Who Could Be the Next Black President?

In 1992, when Tupac first recorded his posthumous-mega-hit-to-be, Changes, he included a poignant line about the state of our nation’s voting electorate:

Muslim Americans on What Sharia Really Means

You’ve probably heard Fox News pundits freaking out about “Sharia law.” It’s even been “banned” in many states. But what does the phrase really mean? In the fourth episode of this season of The Secret Life of Muslims, Muslim Americans tell us the true story about Sharia.

The Woman Who Helped Lead a Strike Against the Muslim Ban

As the second anniversary of the 2017 Yemeni bodega strike approaches, one of the organizers, Debbie Almontaser, explains how thousands of people came together in just 36 hours and carried out of the most powerful responses to Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban. This is episode three of the second season of The Secret Life…

Meet the Foster Father to Some of LA’s Most Vulnerable Children

Mohamed Bzeek has fostered over 80 terminally ill children in Los Angeles because, he says, Islam “teaches me if somebody needs my help and I can help, then I must help.” This is episode two of the second season of The Secret Life of Muslims, a video series with a view on modern Islam you’re not getting on cable news.…

Indigenous Vet Harassed by Maga-wearing High School Students Responds

As he played a traditional drum and sang an intertribal song at the Indigenous Peoples March on Friday, Native American elder and Vietnam veteran Nathan Phillips was surrounded and harassed by disrespectful pro-Trump high school students.

Muslim Americans on What ‘Jihad’ Actually Means

If you’re a regular Fox News viewer, perhaps you think the word “jihad” means “a looming holy war that’s coming soon to your suburban home.” Well, you’d be wrong.

Trump Plans to Ply the Clemson Football Team With Unholy Trinity of Fast Food (Plus Pizza) 

If you were a champion athlete in the prime of your life (or in this case, the Clemson Tigers), there’d be only one meal that could satisfy your hunger for greatness: “McDonalds, Wendy’s and Burger Kings, with some pizza.”

Trump: 'If There's a Concrete Wall... Go Through It!'

“If there’s a concrete wall in front of you, go through it!” A younger, yet equally subtle Donald Trump proclaimed those words in a 2004 commencement speech to the graduating class of Wagner College in Staten Island, NY. These nearly 15-year-old statements recently gained traction after a portion of the video was …

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