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Throwback: World of Warcraft and the 2008 Beijing Olympics Throwback: World of Warcraft and the 2008 Beijing Olympics

A few days ago Blizzard launched a limited Overwatch event, the “Summer Games,” themed around the 2016 Rio Olympics. While everyone is busy playing Lucioball and only unlocking the limited edition skins for characters they never play, this reminded me of an event from a few years earlier, the first time Blizzard…

Appropriation or Appreciation? Appropriation or Appreciation?

The game industry has been growing for quite some time, but as we reach a more global audience, the rules surrounding the use of other cultures are becoming harder to suss out. Take for instance Overwatch. On the one hand, they are actively trying to reach out to a wide audience of ethnicities, races, and countries of…

An Open Letter To Blizzard: Including A Gender Fluid Character Into The Game An Open Letter To Blizzard: Including A Gender Fluid Character Into The Game

(Note, I originally posted this on the Battle.Net forums, but after much abuse, I decided to give up on it for a while until deciding to post it here)

Arrow Season 4 Finale: Schism Arrow Season 4 Finale: Schism

It’s 1:15AM, I just got off work half an hour ago. However, that’s not enough to stop me from doing the finial recap of Arrow for the season, especially since you other commentators make it interesting. Let’s talk the Arrow finale! Spoilers, ahoy.

Arrow 4.22: Lost in the Flood Arrow 4.22: Lost in the Flood

It’s the penultimate episode for Arrow as well, and while they definitely felt the needs to keep the excitement up they at least had the decency to give us Curtis this episode. Spoilers ahoy!

Arrow 4.21: Monument Point Arrow 4.21: Monument Point

We finally start to feel the momentum as Arrow gets into the finial stretch, with only two more episodes left in the season after last night’s. There’s still a lot of plot for them to resolve, so lets get right down to it. Spoilers ahoy!

Arrow 4.16: Broken Hearts Arrow 4.16: Broken Hearts

iO9 already has their review up on the main page if you want to check it out, but I’ll still post the recap here because of the awesome gifs and the smaller, more refined comment section. Cupid is back, and she’s not the only one ready to break all our hearts! Spoilers ahoy!

Arrow 4.14: Code of Silence Arrow 4.14: Code of Silence

Wow. That was an interesting (but not unsurprising) turn of events on last night’s Arrow. Honestly, there isn’t much to recap though as it was a pretty slow episode compared to others this season. Spoilers ahoy! (After a funny gif buffer)

Arrow 4.13: Sins of the Father Arrow 4.13: Sins of the Father

Soooo...I’m not even sure what I can say about this episode that isn’t a spoiler. It was action packed and invoked many loud reactions. Is that spoilery? Is this a long enough lede? Close enough, spoilers start now.

New Overwatch Character Shows Blizzard Really Is Listening

After the initial cast of Overwatch was revealed, some folks, like feminist critic Anita Sarkeesian, lamented that the female characters in the team-based shooter were all svelte. Today, Blizzard revealed two new characters, and one of them is a direct response to those types of criticisms.

Blizzard Announces Overwatch Blizzard Announces Overwatch

For the first time in many years, Blizzard announced a new franchise today: meet Overwatch, a team-based multiplayer shooter with Pixar-like graphics that will enter beta next year.