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Arrow Season 4 Finale: Schism Arrow Season 4 Finale: Schism

It’s 1:15AM, I just got off work half an hour ago. However, that’s not enough to stop me from doing the finial recap of Arrow for the season, especially since you other commentators make it interesting. Let’s talk the Arrow finale! Spoilers, ahoy.

Arrow 4.22: Lost in the Flood Arrow 4.22: Lost in the Flood

It’s the penultimate episode for Arrow as well, and while they definitely felt the needs to keep the excitement up they at least had the decency to give us Curtis this episode. Spoilers ahoy!

Arrow 4.21: Monument Point Arrow 4.21: Monument Point

We finally start to feel the momentum as Arrow gets into the finial stretch, with only two more episodes left in the season after last night’s. There’s still a lot of plot for them to resolve, so lets get right down to it. Spoilers ahoy!

Arrow 4.19: Canary Cry Arrow 4.19: Canary Cry

The episode in which everyone blames themselves for everything that went wrong ever. In which everyone gets emotional, including the audience if twitter is any judge of such things. In which we finally see the name on the gravestone. Spoilers ahoy!

Arrow 4.18: Eleven-Fifty-Nine Arrow 4.18: Eleven-Fifty-Nine

The season is heating up with only five episodes left and we’re staring to really get a feel for the end game. Last night’s episode was pretty heavy emotionally and plotwise. Let’s talk about it this week’s recap. Spoilers ahoy!

Arrow 4.17: BEE-con of Hope Arrow 4.17: BEE-con of Hope

The trend of Comic Book shows that feel like absurd comic books that started yesterday with the Flash continues on with the return of Bug Eyed Bandit in the latest episode of Arrow. Again, many will nitpick, but I just grin like the geek I am. Spoilers ahoy!

Arrow 4.16: Broken Hearts Arrow 4.16: Broken Hearts

iO9 already has their review up on the main page if you want to check it out, but I’ll still post the recap here because of the awesome gifs and the smaller, more refined comment section. Cupid is back, and she’s not the only one ready to break all our hearts! Spoilers ahoy!

Arrow 4.14: Code of Silence Arrow 4.14: Code of Silence

Wow. That was an interesting (but not unsurprising) turn of events on last night’s Arrow. Honestly, there isn’t much to recap though as it was a pretty slow episode compared to others this season. Spoilers ahoy! (After a funny gif buffer)

Arrow 4.13: Sins of the Father Arrow 4.13: Sins of the Father

Soooo...I’m not even sure what I can say about this episode that isn’t a spoiler. It was action packed and invoked many loud reactions. Is that spoilery? Is this a long enough lede? Close enough, spoilers start now.

Arrow 4.12: Unchained Arrow 4.12: Unchained

Okay, yes, this episode has issues. Yes, there is a suspension of disbelief required. No, I don’t care. This episode was fun 88% of the time and it was ridiculous enough that I can forgive it’s faults. Even the serious parts were enjoyable. Spoilers AHOY!

Arrow 4.11: A.W.O.L. Arrow 4.11: A.W.O.L.

Soooo...Arrow was new last night. I though it was a good episode over all, and just what we needed after last week. I love how we got to be a little more character-centric this whole episode, and not just on Ollie either. Spoilers Ahoy!

Arrow 4.10: Blood Debts Arrow 4.10: Blood Debts

The Arrow returned after it’s midseason break after leaving us on a pretty big cliffhanger. Prepare yourselves for that “lighthearted and fun” season the writers told us we were getting, because when it does come it’ll be a pretty big surprise. Spoilers ahoy!

Arrow 4.08: Legends of Yesterday Arrow 4.08: Legends of Yesterday

So I just want to say, I’m glad I didn’t watch the Flash half of this cross over until right before watching this episode of Arrow because it was so much better that way. Spoilers ahoy!

Flash 2.08: Legends of Today Flash 2.08: Legends of Today

No recap, but feel free to chat in the comments about this episode. This was the first half of the cross-over event between Flash and Arrow (the second airing tonight). And there were a lot of Legends spin-off set up happening. Spoilers ahoy!

Arrow 4.07: Brotherhood Arrow 4.07: Brotherhood

Last night I praised Flash for benching the title character and letting their supporting cast shine. I wish Arrow would have followed that example, and this episode would have been stronger for it. Spoilers ahoy!

Arrow 4.06: Lost Souls Arrow 4.06: Lost Souls

So, we got a pretty solid episode, and quite a bit of set up for Legends of Tomorrow in last night’s Arrow. (And a special guest appearance by one of my favorite minor characters!) Spoiler’s ahoy!

Arrow 4.05: Haunted Arrow 4.05: Haunted

Fair warning: This recap is half-assed. I had a 3-hour derby practice that may or may not have ended with a torn muscle. So I was pretty exhausted when I sat down to watch the show. We will have some interesting discussion nonetheless! CONSTANTINE IS BACK! Spoilers ahoy!

Arrow 4.04: Beyond Redemption Arrow 4.04: Beyond Redemption

Apparently there are a few people who need redemption this episode, as a lot of secrets start coming out, although not all of them. Spoilers begin now.

No, you can't catch up on Arrow and Flash on Netflix before their next seasons hit

Seasons 1 and 2 of Arrow are already available for streaming on Netflix, and soon we will get season 3 as well as The Flash season 1. On the same day their next seasons air to be exact. So if you want to DVR or Hulu the episodes you can stream the previous seasons and then catch up on the current one I suppose.

Season 3 Finale Title Revealed for Arrow

And it could mean any number of things since it's so vague. Posted by Marc Guggenheim, one of the show runners earlier this morning was an image of the script, which he followed up with another picture of the cast doing the last table read of the season.

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